May 12, 2008

About the MultiMachine

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Take: 2 old engine blocks, 2 pieces of pipe, 4 import bearings, some steel plate and a $69 crossfeed table.

Add 2 hours of machine shop work and a few minutes of welding, drill a whole bunch of holes and end up with an accurate metal lathe (with an up to 2 1/2″ spindle bore) that also end and horizontal mills, drills or bores in 3 or 4 ways, chop saws, surface grinds, spins and can be a cheap and rigid CNC platform with all these functions.

It’s rigid. The MultiMachine uses 2 full size engine blocks solidly clamped together with 1/2″ x 12″ steel plate and (4) 3/4″ clamp bolts. This makes it almost “chatter” proof but is still easy to dis-assemble into managable pieces. The built-in “crane” makes re-assembly simple.


  • Fits in a space 2 1/2′ x 4′ (or less with a smaller table)
  • Uses an inexpensive but accurate 30 to 60 lb. spindle assembly with a chuck thread, register and shoulder that are finish machined in place for accuracy (without change gears!)
  • The 250+ lb. vertical slide can be raised .0001″ (thats right, it’s no typo!) at a time and does not move when the clamps are tightened!
  • Make a spindle big enough to bore an engine block or small enough for model making. Add a tool post grinder and work on a manhole cover!
  • Even use a heavy 8″ 4 jaw chuck (at low lathe speeds).
  • Put the the crossfeed table in a pan for a clean way to use coolant.
  • Power it with anything from 3/4 hp electric motor to a 15 hp gas engine or a tractor PTO.

Best of all

After you find all the needed good junk, get 2 or so hours of machining done. Then after that, all that is needed is a drill press to finish your MultiMachine. Spend an extra hour in the machine shop letting them drill and counter-sink the holes in the heaviest parts and then all you need is a strong 3/8″ pistol drill to finish the whole thing. When it’s finished you have all kinds of new ways to make holes and don’t even need a drill press anymore!

Find Out More

There is a terrific deal on our newsgroup at, including free basic construction details and photos.

But — If you haven’t had experience building heavy iron, buy the video below. Mistakes are very expensive and also dangerous.

Buy The Video!

Get an operation and construction video (VHS or DVD) and 11 pages of instructions to help you build your own MultiMachine! Price: $35.95 + $6.75 s&h

Send your check to:

P.O. Box 1629
Palestine, TX 75802

Visa/Mastercard accepted

Or contact us for more information:

903-723-0980 (ask for Pat)
Check ebay for “multimachine”

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